The Living Gods
“The gods will protect us.”
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The Living Gods

Created by: Gail Gerstner Miller

Founded by Opet Kemel, an elderly ex-archeologist, the Living Gods are an Egyptian sect of around 25 devout Wildcarders with more than a passing resemblance to the ancient gods, and who use as their headquarters an ancient temple discovered intact by Kemel in the late ‘sixties. Like the ‘cat goddess’ Bast, Hapi the bull, the crocodile-skinned Sobek, or Bes the handsome dwarf, most are Jokers who simply look the part. But there are more than enough Aces among them to lend their cause a certain amount of credibility.

Although partly a tourist act who put on shows at their temple to raise money for their impoverished countrymen, the Aces among them actively use their powers to help their people. Min can bring forth rain. The ibis-headed Thoth can tell truth from lies. Taurt can ease childbirth. Shu and Tefnut possess the power of flight. And Osiris is able to see fragments of the future. Obviously hated by the Nur and his fanatical followers since a) they’re Wildcarders, and b) they actually want to help people rather than slaughter them. What were they thinking?

Positive attributes – Wise, patient, selfless.
Negative character traits – Who knows?
In a nutshell – We are legend.

The Living Gods appeared in: