The Magpie
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The Magpie (Trudy Pirandello)

Created by: Kevin Andrew Murphy

Trudy is able to teleport herself and other objects over unrevealed distances. The experience of teleporting herself makes her feel sick however, and so she used her ability in this manner sparingly, abandoning it altogether in later years. She is also an exoteleport, able to teleport items within her line of sight to herself. The precise range of her power, and the maximum weight of the items that she can retrieve, is unclear but she has been able to acquire a heavy diver’s helmet from a window washer’s platform attached to a building near the Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum.

In her youth, Trudy was a very attractive woman. By 2010 she had become an elderly, yet still able-bodied woman, often given to wearing a mask and a cloak whilst moving around Jokertown.

Trudy is a woman with questionable morals. The ease with with she could procure items quickly led her down an opportunistic path of thievery, which in later years bordered on the kleptomaniac. She is very selective about the things she steals, and most of those things she has conscious rational for taking. She also has a strong fondness for kittens, and justifies her theft of them from pet stores as a way to prevent them from being eaten.

The Magpie appeared in: