The Mechanic
“I'm a man who always does what he believes to be right, and I'm not embarrassed when what's right happens to gratify my less noble instincts.”
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The Mechanic (J. Robert Belew)

Created by: Victor Milán

Ex-Special Forces, ex-CIA, J. Bob is a short, muscular Ace and proud owner of an impressive walrus moustache. He’s also a shrewd and capable operator who left the agency after twenty years to go freelance, and has since accepted contract work for a variety of government institutions, including the odd job for his old employers.

As for his special skills, Belew discovered – possibly when playing with his knives – that he’s able to control any machine by projecting his consciousness into it, although the process does require severing a limb and placing the bleeding stump against the engine or gearstick. While at first glance this would seem to be a power with a limited shelf life, the Wild Card’s also gifted him with rapid regenerative powers, thus allowing him to lop off appendages to his heart’s content.

Positive attributes: Honest, world-wise, well-read, keeps his word, comfortable in any situation, knows something about everything.
Negative character traits: Smug, not totally trustworthy, likes to make people aware that he’s smarter than they are.

The Mechanic appeared in: