The Oddity
“Happy birthday to us.”
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The Oddity (Patti Roberts, Evan Crozier, John Sheak)

Created by: Stephen Leigh

Initially, Patti, the caring social worker; Evan, the up-and-coming black artist; and John the angry young lawyer were a hip, young ménage à trois living the high life in Manhattan. They went to bed one night and discovered three really is a crowd the next morning when they all woke up in the same body.

Now the self-proclaimed protector of Jokertown, The Oddity is a large, bulky, human-shaped Joker with enhanced strength and a remarkable resistance to damage, who favours a hooded cloak and fencing mask to hide its features. There’s a pretty good reason for this, as its body parts morph and move about in a continuous, agonising cycle, with physical and mental dominance being granted to each personality in turn. Saves money on movie tickets, though, which proves there’s always an upside.

Positive qualities: Gentle, logical, empathetic (when Patti is dominant), generally protective towards all Jokers regardless of who’s dominant.
Negative character traits: Bad-tempered, violent (when John is dominant), bitter, wild mood swings (when Evan is dominant).

The Oddity appeared in: