The Radical
“I was here because I was needed here, man.”
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The Radical (Tom Weathers)

Created by: Victor Milán

Yes, we know he’s one of Mark Meadows’ alter egos, but since he ranks alongside the likes of Fortunato and Modular Man as one of the most powerful Aces on the planet, this guy really deserves his own entry.

Youthful, tall and slender in faded jeans with shoulder-length blond hair, Radical looks like the God of Surfers and is probably how every armchair revolutionary imagines himself when he goes to sleep at night. Politically, though, he’s somewhat vague – he wants to give peace a chance, and if that means beating the shit out of The Man until he gets it, then so be it. And in marked contrast to his legendary 1970 debut appearance at People’s Park – where he had little else going for him other than enhanced strength and a lethal peace medallion – the Radical has since appropriated some of the best bits from Mark’s other ‘friends’. In fact, it’s probably easier to list what he can’t do rather than what he can, but we’ll give it a go…

He’s still got the super strength and medallion, but along with a general resistance to bullets and the power of flight, he also possesses Starshine’s ability to project sunbeams from his fingers, Traveler’s insubstantiality, JJ Flash’s firepower, and Moonchild’s healing abilities and martial arts skills. And while he’s been pretty quiet on the Aquarius front, it’s a fair bet that he wouldn’t drown if he were to fall into the ocean by mistake. This is one dude who’s pretty much capable of anything. So try not to give him an excuse.

Positive attributes – Strong-willed, self-confident, anti-establishment, fearless, unyielding.
Negative character traits – Ruthless, fond of bad puns.
In a nutshell – War and peace.

The Radical appeared in: