The Recycler
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The Recycler (Tiago Gonçalves)

Created by: David D. Levine

Tiago has a unique form of telekinesis that allows him to draw organic matter to himself, and even fuse it temporarily to his own body. By drawing on a significant amount of additional mass he can effectively clad himself in a protective layer of junk that he can build up to giant proportions and amplify his physical power proportionately. His senses also extend through his exoskeleton of junk; he feels things that touch it, he can see and hear clearly, and he can even use it to speak in a booming amplified voice. The protection afforded by this covering is limited by the strength of the material used, and Tiago is still vulnerable to things like bullets that might penetrate the protective layer. He also feels pain at the destruction of any part of his extra accumulated mass, but can quickly repair the damage with his power, and this also removes the source of the pain.