Croyd Crenson, the Sleeper
“I've done lots of odd things, and lots of subtle things. Some of them have even been legal.”
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Croyd Crenson, the Sleeper

Created by: Roger Zelazny

To say Croyd Crenson is a little difficult to categorise is like saying AC/DC gigs are a little noisy, as the virus has condemned him to wake up in a new body each time he goes to sleep. Possibly till the end of time. He may wake up as an Ace, a Joker, or a Deuce. Sometimes gifted with extraordinary powers, sometimes none. And while he’s unlikely to win any ‘good citizen’ awards, he can’t really be classified as a bad guy either. Let’s just say he’s the ultimate Wild Card.

His hibernation periods are variable depending on how many changes his body’s going through, and can last from a couple of weeks to anything up to seven or eight months. He’s got an understandable phobia towards sleep as he’s afraid that one day he’ll wake up dead – or worse – and so tries to stay awake as long as possible. It’s usually several days before he has to resort to the amphetamines, and it’s then that the problems start, as their prolonged use tends to make him psychotic and extremely paranoid.

Well versed in most types of criminal behaviour and no stranger to violence, Croyd is a cool, cynical, charismatic customer with a dark sense of humour regardless of what body he inhabits. He often hires himself out as a freelance mercenary and will do most things – short of murder – as long as the price is right. Just try to catch him before the drugs kick in. And for Christ’s sake, don’t get him started on algebra.

Positive attributes: Reasonable (when drug-free), keeps his word, honourable, keen sense of humour.
Negative character traits: Psychotic when he’s been on the speed for too long, unpredictable, impulsive, paranoid, long-term criminal.
In a nutshell: Changeable.

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