The Great and Powerful Turtle
“Only fools want to be a hero.”
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The Great and Powerful Turtle (Thomas Tudbury)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

Talk about setting yourself up for a fall. For most people, one adjective would be more than enough. Two could be construed as overplaying your hand a little. But since he is the strongest telekinesist on Earth with almost limitless power, we’ll forgive him. Although his Ace manifested itself early on in his childhood, it wasn’t until the death of his hero, John F. Kennedy, that he decided to put his talents to public use. With the help of his childhood friend, Joey, he built a protective shell out of an old VW Beetle and some surplus battleship armour left over from his friend’s junkyard, and has been New York’s most famous – and most publicity-shy – vigilante ever since.

Out of character, Tom’s your average man on the street – plain-looking, pudgy, glasses, and a massive inferiority complex. In character, he’s every kid’s hero, patrolling the skies in his shell powered solely through his telekinesis, incapacitating evildoers and rescuing the innocent. Over the years, the Great and Powerful Turtle has honed his multitasking powers to such a point that he finds little difficulty in keeping himself aloft and disarming bad guys at the same time. Unfortunately, he’s also hidden himself away in his protective skin for so long that he’s now almost powerless once he steps outside it. Still, you’ll think twice before cutting up a Beetle again.

Positive attributes – Honest, trustworthy, resourceful, generally does the right thing, refuses to disclose whether he’s an Ace or a Joker.
Negative character traits – Self-pitying, romantic, insecure, generally his own worst enemy.
In a nutshell – Hide and seek.

The Great and Powerful Turtle appeared in: