Ti Malice
“We must always do whatever is in our best interests.”
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Ti Malice

Created by: John Jos. Miller

A hideous vampire who could put Dracula to shame for sheer vileness, this barely human, Haitian Joker is a little over 2 feet tall, hairless, chinless, skeletally thin with underdeveloped legs and a round open mouth containing a single large tooth. With no respiratory system of his own, Malice can only survive by extracting the nutrients and oxygen from the blood of a human host. And to ensure he’ll never be short of willing slaves, he’s also able to secrete a highly addictive chemical from his saliva glands that goes straight to the pleasure centres of the host’s brain.

With the telepathic link that he’s able to create with each of his mounts, Malice can also control their actions while he’s feeding on them in order to satisfy his never ending quest to experience every sensation, whether it be pleasurable or painful. The only problem is, when he gets tired of them the former host is left an empty husk with little or no interest in the life he or she had before Malice came along. This is one creature that really should have been strangled at birth. Except he would’ve probably got off on that, too.

Positive attributes: Are you kidding?
Negative character traits: Sadist, hedonist, considers all other beings to be potential mounts, basically evil to the core.

Ti Malice appeared in: