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Tiffani (Megan Mcknee)

Created by: Caroline Spector

Tiffani is able to turn her skin in to a diamond hard substance. This makes her nearly impervious to harm. With enough force, such as from a large fall, she can be rendered unconscious.

Tiffani hailed from a poor family and jumped at the chance to be a contestant in American Hero. Determined to win the top prize, she first befriended Bubbles, and then started a “show-mance” with Drummer Boy, in order to maintain voting alliances. Neither alliance lasted long, as she betrayed Bubbles and found that she was nothing more than one among many of DB’s sexual liaisons, and she soon found herself in the “discard pile” with the other discards.

More than year after the first season of the show had ended, Bubbles was left in a coma in New Orleans. Tiffani took the time to visit the comatose ace, much to the annoyance of Ink.

Tiffani appeared in: