“I left my wallet in my other hat.”
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Topper (Melissa Blackwood)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

Lost something valuable? Talk to Topper, a conjurer Ace with a talent every kid dreams of possessing – whatever she needs, she just puts her hand into her top hat and out it comes. Don’t ask how she does it, she probably couldn’t tell you if she wanted to. All she knows is, she was in the middle of her high school talent show act when all of a sudden her Wild Card turned and she was pulling more than rabbits out of her hat.

Originally a protégée of Cyclone’s, Melissa worked for the Justice Department until she couldn’t stand it any longer, and has since found her niche in the private sector as an operative in Jay Ackroyd’s detective agency. Petite, pretty, with a wealth of curly red hair, and often dressed in camera-friendly bow tie and tails, short shorts and fishnet stockings – and of course the requisite top hat. She’s probably the last person Jay would call on for a ‘shadow’ job, but she’s a whiz when it comes to missing pets.

Positive attributes: Trustworthy, honest, sense of humor.
Negative character traits: None worth mentioning.

Topper appeared in: