Water Lily
“I've heard that when choosing between two evils, you should pick the one you've never tried before.”
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Water Lily (Jane Lillian Dow)

Created by: Pat Cadigan

A true rainmaker, Jane’s a young, attractive, red-haired Ace who, when in a heightened emotional state, has the power to extract the water molecules out of any object or living creature within a half-mile radius to the point of complete dehydration. She can also subconsciously cause atoms to combine and thus draw water from the air itself.

After her friend and mentor, Sal, died in an accident, she decided to escape to the big city and has been living in interesting times ever since. She’s worked at Aces High for Hiram Worchester, seen far more of the Astronomer and Ti Malice than she’d like, and been reinfected with the virus due to an encounter with ‘Typhoid Croyd’. Thanks to him, in addition to her powers over water, she can now cure victims of the Wild Card through the physical act of sex — a fact she’s wisely decided to keep to herself as much as possible.

Positive attributes – Kind-hearted, honest.
Negative character traits – Naive, impulsive.
In a nutshell – Waterfalls.

Water Lily appeared in: