Will o’ Wisp
“No one seems to remember your face if you've got glowing eyes.”
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Will o’ Wisp (Nick Williams)

Created by: Kevin Andrew Murphy

One of the ‘hidden Aces’ McCarthy was ranting about in the fifties, this private dick looks like he stepped straight out of central casting with his good looks, 6″3′ frame, blond hair, blue eyes and Californian tan. All of which might have presented a problem for someone in his line of work if he worked anywhere other than Hollywood – the only place on Earth where he looks just like everyone else.

Stepping on a high voltage electrical cord triggered his Ace back in his college days, and ever since he’s been able to create electricity in the form of balls of lightning – ‘shockers’ – capable of incapacitating or destroying anyone, or anything, in their way. Avoid him if he drinks, though. He really gets a glow on and you don’t want to be in his way when it happens.

Positive attributes: Discreet, honest, keeps his word, empathy towards Jokers.
Negative character traits: Too trusting.

Will o’ Wisp appeared in: