“Virtue's not going to work miracles. Luck's just about as undependable. What you'll accomplish, you'll achieve because you actually do it.”
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Wyungare (Wareen)

Created by: Edward Bryant

This slim, muscular, Australian aborigine Ace realised he was meant for better things at an early age, when he survived a Wild Card outbreak that wiped out all the other children in his tribe. In the intervening years, Wyungare — or “He Who Returns To The Stars” to his friends — has grown into a highly knowledgable shaman and healer with the abiliy to physically enter the dreamtime whenever he wishes. As his sometime girlfriend, Cordelia Chaisson, has since discovered, he can also bring others with him if he wants. Better than a night out at the movies.

Positive attributes – Calm, patient, wise, reasonable, selfless, strong-willed.
Negative character traits – Calls women ‘missy’.
In a nutshell – Dream guy.

Wyungare appeared in: