“Mercy is God's business. Mine is justice.”
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Yeoman (Daniel Brennan)

Created by: John Jos. Miller

More commonly referred to as the ‘Ace of Spades Killer’ by the press (who love a good nickname) and by the cops (who don’t), due to his strategic placing of said playing card on the bodies of his victims. Vietnam vet Brennan is an athletic, average looking man with black hair and dark eyes whose sole purpose in life is to revenge himself upon the uber-boss of the Shadow Fists, Kien, for the murder of his Vietnamese wife and unborn child during the war. And if that means wiping out half of New York’s criminal element in the process, hey, so much the better.

Despite his ‘nat’ status, he’s actually considered an Ace by those who count, due to his phenomenal skills as a master archer – evidence that his time spent at a Zen monastery in the early ‘eighties wasn’t a total waste of time – and a strength of will that’s capable of deflecting most mind probes. Fortunato certainly speaks well of him, although that’s not necessarily a good thing. But so does Tachyon, which evens things out. His hooded form can occasionally be glimpsed darting from shadow to shadow in the darkened alleys of Jokertown, as he works his way up the Shadow Fist food chain and gets that little bit closer to his quarry with each encounter. Be good and you’ll never know he exists.

Positive attributes – Honourable, trustworthy, loyal, relentless, fearless, strong-willed.
Negative character traits – Sanctimonious, ruthless, mildly psychotic, single-minded, unforgiving.
In a nutshell – Man on a mission.

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