Zoe Harris
“I never said I wanted to be a hero. I said I was afraid not to.”
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Zoe Harris

Created by: Sage Walker

President of a prominent pharmaceutical company and an upstanding member of the ‘straight’ world until she got framed for embezzlement, this attractive, olive-skinned Ace had tried to put her wild card status behind her before the threat of prison and the deteriorating health of her family altered her priorities and mental state, somewhat. She’s now embraced her powers and utilises them to help those she cares about most – Jokers.

So what can she do? Well, how can we put this? When aroused or in a heightened emotional state, she’s able to animate and transform inanimate objects at a sub-molecular level simply by breathing on them. No jokes, please – her power only works on non-organic objects. Just don’t get her excited or angry, or you’ll see just how creative she can be.

Positive attributes – Caring, selfless, honest, trustworthy, empathetic towards Jokers.
Negative character traits – Guarded, mentally fragile.
In a nutshell – Heavy breather.

Zoe Harris appeared in: