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Mutants & Masterminds RPG

Written by: John Jos. Miller

Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Date(s): 2005-2013

Aces and Jokers Wild! In 1945, an alien virus released over Manhattan changed the world forever. Ninety percent of the people exposed to the Wild Card virus died, and some say they were the lucky ones. Of the survivors, ninety percent were mutated into the hideous freaks known as "Jokers". Only a rare one percent became "Aces," people gifted with superhuman powers. In 1985 George R.R. Martin and a stellar group of authors introduced readers to the world of Wild Cards, and now the series spans more than a dozen anthologies and novels. In the summer of 2008 players of Mutants & Masterminds can make this world their own for the first time with the Wild Cards campagin setting, written by series author John Jos. Miller. Inside this beautifully illustrated book you will find a full history the setting, profiles and game stats for dozens of major characters, background information and rules on the Wild Card virus, an introductory adventure, and advice on running your own WildCards campaign.


"Aces and Jokers" cover
"All In" cover