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Wild Cards is a shared universe, with 40+ writers contributing to the series. But its world-building extends beyond our writing team — every reader is a part of the Wild Cards universe. It lives in each of our imaginations.

We welcome readers to submit any Wild Cards–inspired artwork they’ve created. We love seeing and sharing fan interpretations of Wild Cards characters and scenes, from books I to XXVII and counting. If you submit your work, we’ll consider it for publication on this website and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Please note that only Wild Cards artwork and art affiliated with the Wild Cards World will be accepted. Also by submitting your art, you agree that you’re not violating any copyright laws, and you’re giving us the go-ahead to post it in the four above-mentioned spaces. (Don’t worry, you won’t unexpectedly see it on a billboard or T-shirt someday.)

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