The Gashleycrumb Wild Cards

by Kevin Andrew Murphy

A’s for Astronomer who summoned the Swarm

B is for Bagabond whose beasts keep her warm

C is for Cameo who could channel the dead

D’s for Demise, deadly eyes in his head

E’s for The Envoy, who was everyone’s friend

F’s for Dr. Finn and his horsey rear end

G is for Golden Boy, the old Judas Ace

H is for Herne whose Hounds eat your face

I is for Insulin and her crime partner Imp

J is for Jetboy crashing Dr. Tod’s blimp 

K’s for Kid Dinosaur, sliced up like salami

L’s for Lazy Dragon (animates origami)

M’s for Mackie Messer, with his buzzsaws for hands

N’s for the Nur—You do as he commands

O’s for the Oddity: Patty, Evan, and John

P is for Puppetman pulling strings that he’s drawn

Q is for Quasiman—not all there (not all that)

R’s for Roulette, who could kill with her…cat?

S is for Sleeper—Who knows what he’ll come back as?

T is for Tachyon, a psi lord from Takis

U is for Usher, the church’s nat brick

V’s for Veronica who’d make any man sick

W’s for Wraith with her cowl and bikini

X’s for Xbalanque, the Hero Twin meanie

Y’s for Yeoman, with his arrows and bows

Z is for Zoe who breathes life when she blows