The Knaves Over Queens Reviews Are In!

Knaves Over Queens

Praise Is Spreading Like a Virus for the New UK-Based Wild Cards Book

As every Wild Cards reader knows, few events are as exciting as a new book release…okay, other than, say, running into George R. R. Martin when you’re out running errands. So August 13 was a big day for fans of the Wild Cards series: That’s when Tor Books published the US edition of Knaves Over Queens.

Wild Cards XXVII: Knaves Over Queens is the first Wild Cards book to be set in the British Isles (for the most part). That’s because the Wild Cards virus, Xenovirus Takis-A, has crossed the Atlantic. In London, Sir Winston Churchill and Alan Turing are leading the charge to save the world — with the help of all the wild cards they can find.

The masterminds behind Knaves Over Queens include Paul Cornell, Marko Kloos, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Emma Newman, and Caroline Spector, among other wildly talented writers. George R. R. Martin and Melinda Snodgrass are the editors, so…expect quite a ride.

Check out the Knaves Over Queens Amazon page for a complete list of authors, and be sure to read George R. R. Martin’s announcement of the US edition on his Not a Blog. You can also learn more about Wild Cards XXVII on the Wild Cards Wiki.

So what are people saying about Knaves Over Queens? Read on for some of the reviews from critics and readers.

Here’s What People Are Saying about the Newest Wild Cards Book Release

“All-in-all, it’s another great journey into the Wild Card universe. Fans who are Anglophiles and/or natives of the UK will be delighted with Knaves Over Queens. So will those with a pen­chant for deconstructions of the superhero trope and for atypical heroes.” – Paula Guran, Locus Mag

“Two recent Wild Cards novels [Low Chicago and Knaves Over Queens] are sure to satisfy your summer reading hunger while introducing you to a whole new cast of interesting heroes and villains.” – Kirkus Reviews

“I like all the Wild Cards books, but this one was extra fun as it covered the whole history of the Wild Card virus in the UK. There was a lot more detail about a few things that were previously in the background (Queen Mary) and some of the stories take place around the edges of stories from earlier books.” – Chuk, Knaves Over Queens Goodreads page

“Terrific addition to the Wild Cards world, with a talented authorial lineup firing on all cylinders.” – Iain, Goodreads

“Great new characters in this series and the stories are told wonderfully. Really loved the origin story of Double Helix.” – AJ Dawson, Amazon review


No matter what side of the pond you’re on, Knaves Over Queens will appeal to readers looking for an alternate history with great stakes and even greater thrills.