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Ian Tregillis

Ian Tregillis is the son of a bearded mountebank and a discredited tarot card reader. He was born and raised in the Minnesota Territory, to which his parents had fled after escaping the wrath of a Flemish prince. (The full story, he’s told, involves a freighter full of taconite ore and a stolen horse.) He has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Minnesota for his research on radio galaxies and quasars.

Tregillis is the author of seven critically acclaimed novels, including the Milkweed Triptych (BITTER SEEDS, THE COLDEST WAR, and NECESSARY EVIL), SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT, and the Alchemy Wars trilogy (THE MECHANICAL, THE RISING, and THE LIBERATION). His short fiction has been published in venues including The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction,, Apex Magazine, Subterranean Press Magazine, The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year (edited by Jonathan Strahan), Best New Horror (edited by Stephen Jones), and Popular Science. And, of course, a very long running shared-world superhero series edited by a guy named George.

He and his wife live in New Mexico, where he consorts with writers, scientists, and other rogues.


Stories by Ian Tregillis

Hammer and Tongs and a Rusty Nail

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