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An attending participant of American Fandom since the late 60’s Parris has been a member of the Wild Cards universe since it’s inception. She has contributed not only characters but endless moral support to the Wild Cards Universe since its inception in the late 80’s.

Born on the East Coast and a world traveler from the start Parris met George RR Martin during a convention in the 70’s and after a short courtship of only thirty years they officially married during RenoVation, the 69th World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in 2011.  Parris is an entrepreneur and maker of magic, she has been responsible for many of George’s early production lines before the world wide introduction to her husbands series and it’s subsequent adaptation.  A huckster and long time fan-ish volunteer she has inspired many as a constant representative of the community providing Miracle memberships to fans in need and boundless charitable donations to help that community thrive.

Still her husbands first and ever trusted “beta reader” they both live in lovely Santa Fe New Mexico with their three cats, Gráinne, Caligula and Asha.

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